Real Animal Sounds is an Android app FREE.

Animal sounds for children and adults. Free and educational app with 120+ animals from all over the world.

Enter into the fascinating world of animals and start your adventure with nature.

Discover new animal sounds and watch amazing pictures of real animals in HD resolution.

Touch the animal images and listen at the animal sounds! Pics and sounds are real.

This application is very usefull to kids to learn names and sounds of many animals.

Different language available (English, German, France, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Romanian and others)

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Woozidoo Play & Learn Letters is a very usefull learning app for kids. Learn animal names playing with beautiful real animals pictures and HD sounds.

It is a very simple and funny game APP to easily learn letters of alphabet and animals name in different Language.

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Nature Relaxing Sounds is an health FREE APP that offers to you amazing nature sounds and photos for relaxation, sleep, meditate, concentrate, work and study.

Very usefull if you have problems with insomnia.

You can choose different good quality nature sounds very relaxing to relax as better as possible.

Nature Relaxing Sounds offers different situation and you can choose different relaxing moments as water sounds, night sounds, ocean sounds, light rain, walking in the snow and others.

Natural sounds helps to remind people of simple, peaceful times. They also allow to people to forget about the stress of their daily lives.

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QR Code Generator Free is a fast tool to create and share your QR Code.

You can easily create and view on the display the QR Code and share it via mail, facebook, twitter or any other application.

It can also scan any barcode and quickly change them in QR Code.

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